Founded in 2012, Twin Cities Metro Select (TCMS), a strategic vision of Coach Faith Johnson Patterson, to inspire, push and assist female basketball players to pursue college scholarships through the use of their athletic talents and her belief that “sports can improve and change lives.”

Coach Johnson Patterson’s goal to achieve this is by using varied modules, a blend of basketball practicums, coupled with the education of the recruiting process, individualized player strategic planning, player advocacy, seminars, and player evaluation. This is accomplished alongside Coach Johnson Patterson’s jam-packed innate God-given endowments which include: keen perception, proper judgment, timing, wisdom, know-how, a steady confidence and counsel, with an ability to shift her games into a second and third gear when necessary.

Coach Johnson Patterson is graced with the ability to speak and to spark player motivation, bolster self-esteem, while altering player mindset and morale to think like a champion!

Twin Cities Metro Select girls basketball program:

  • is open to girls, ages 8-18, who are passionate about basketball
  • provides seasoned, top-level coaches who have success with both elite and average players
  • offers an extensive nationwide network of college and university coaches
  • educates families about recruiting process
  • competes in highly visible tournaments for proper exposure

Progressive Competitive Instructions

Coach Johnson Patterson and the TCMS staff will train athletes using individualized Progressive Competitive Instructionä and create individualized Progressive Competitive Plansä that will provide athletes long-term achievement plans.

AAU Tournaments

This training, coupled with participation in some of the highest level AAU tournaments in the U.S. plus a unique understanding of the college recruiting process will enable Coach Johnson and the TCMS staff to take athletes to the next level.

Your Goal, Your Transformation

Whether an athlete’s goal is earning a starting spot, becoming a top player in the state, or preparing to transition from high school to collegiate level athletics, Coach Johnson Patterson and the staff at TCMS will be able to help you achieve your goals.