Apr 102015

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Nov 222013
  1. Chaperones will be with the team at all times and are “ON CALL” 24 hours per day when traveling with TCMS.
  2. There will be one chaperone for every 8 athletes.
  3. Chaperones and staff will set a good example with regard to conduct, language, appropriate dress, etc.
  4. Chaperones may not smoke or drink alcohol in front of the athletes.
  5. Typical school rules are in effect at all times, especially with regard to smoking, drinking and drugs.
  6. TCMS will designate a head chaperone. Any questions regarding duties, times, and responsibilities will be determined by the head chaperone.
  7. Chaperones will be given student and room assignments and will make sure students are up, attending meals, and on time.
  8. ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Room In’ times will be enforced. Students are not permitted to visit any other room after hours.
  9. If an athlete needs to return to the hotel during the day, she must be accompanied by a chaperone.
  10. If an athlete becomes ill and must remain in bed, a chaperone will be responsible for staying in close proximity to the ill student in case medical attention is needed.
  11. Chaperones will take roll each time the team is going from one place to another.
  12. Chaperones are expected to arrive at a designated meeting spot fifteen minutes before departure time.
  13. One chaperone will be asked to carry the medical bag and forms. In the event that a student needs medical attention the chaperone will make those items available.
  14. Students are to return home with the team unless prior arrangements have been made in writing with Coach Johnson.